NVR Innovations Trained Practitioners

Over the years we’ve trained many professionals and parents to all levels; and we’re proud to have trained them all, meet some of them below.

Hollie Ryan

My name is Hollie Ryan and since qualifying in February 2020, I have run many NVR courses for parents during the day, evening and virtually through lockdown. This is within my role as a Family Support Worker, working for Children Services.

In 2021, I trained to become an NVR supervisor and part of the accreditation was to hold regular supervision sessions with the local NVR facilitators.

I enjoy my role as an NVR facilitator as well as my role as an NVR supervisor as I am extremely passionate of how NVR can change the lives of families. It is so important to be able to connect with our child before we can correct their behaviour.

It is equally as important as a parent, to think about how our thoughts, feelings and actions can have an impact on our parenting. We can’t always control what happens in our lives but if we can try and understand how this can impact us and our family, accept this, be true to ourselves and tap into our wells, then this can help us to repair our relationships with our children.