“Absolutely loved the 3 days. I can see the extent to which this could work in many families and hope this becomes a key resource for supporting any families in Renfrewshire across the coming years.”

“This is a fantastic resource that I feel will massively help children and families. It should support families whose difficulties/needs fall between a range of services.”

“A very relevant course.  Lots of ideas and strategies to use not only in my professional career, but also in my personal life.”

What is NVR?

NVR is a behavioural and relational approach proven to be highly successful for dealing with otherwise difficult family situations. It was initially developed for aggressive, violent, controlling and self destructive young people, but we have adapted it for use across many situations and settings. 

We have been using NVR since 2008 and have found it to be transformative for families involved in Social Services, looked after children, adopted families, Forensic Hospitals, residential units, and in schools. We have found it has been life-changing at creating positive interventions where other methods just haven’t been able to help. Specifically, it has been successful in situations that involve families with children where the child to adult and sibling violence is a concern, including those with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety disorders such as OCD, Attachment Disorder, especially those at the more extreme end of the spectrum.

Most recently we have adapted NVR to work with in groups with parents whose children struggle with anxiety, including school refusal and flipping night and day.

All of our training is offered to N.V.R. UK standards which is the professional organisation that regulates and accredits NVR practice in the UK.