What We Offer

We offer all of the below as bespoke in-house training or as remote training for organisations, please enquire for more information.

As mentioned on our home page we now offer all of the below services as remote training either to individuals or organisations. If you have any questions about this please use the feedback form on this page to get in touch. Alternatively, please email us directly at nvrinnovations@gmail.com.

Foundation Level Training (3 days) £395 per person

This foundation level training leads to the practitioners operating at the level of NVR Informed practice as laid out by NVR UK handbook (see table for details). Some children, for a whole host of reasons, do not respond to the rewards and punishment styles of parenting and when this is the case parents can feel helpless and blamed by those around them. NVR offers a way of parenting these children.

The training covers the foundations of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) leading to an understanding of the core principles and applying these to your practice. The primary goal of the NVR intervention is to repair and rebuild relationships that have become stressed by the child’s controlling behaviour. The participants will learn how to help their clients understand these behaviours and learn strategies for challenging and changing these behaviours.

At the end of level one, two formative pieces of reflective writing will be submitted before progressing to level 2.

Level 2 Application of NVR Practice (3 days) £495 per person

This second level promotes a deeper understanding of the core principles, and how NVR can be integrated with other theoretical concepts to be applied clinically to the following areas:
– Working with schools ( including school refusal) and communities.
– Anxiety in individuals and groups.
– Internet Safety.
– Residential Settings
– Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents.
– In Groups and with individuals.

On completion of this level the delegate will be able to continue to use the ideas to inform their everyday practice and in addition they will be able to support an Accredited NVR Practitioner run groups for parents.

Level 3 Accredited NVR Practitioner (40 hours of practice undertaking a suitable project) £545 per person

The delegate will undertake a work based practice project that is supervised by the trainers . In order to gain the NVR UK Practitioner award you will need to complete and pass a presentation, create a resource, produce a reflective portfolio, and write a 2,000 word essay.
If successful you will be able to run groups, and work with individuals and families. You will need to maintain your accreditation by completing the NVR UK requirements.

NVR Supervision

Denise and Margaret are now pleased to offer NVR Supervision in line with the requirement that accredited practitioners are required to have four, 1.5 hour, supervisions per year for continued registration with NVR UK. One of these can be a peer supervision.

Denise and Margaret can offer group supervision (one and a half hours), with a maximum of 6 people.  The cost per person is £90 for the three supervisions required spread over the year (only £30 for each supervision). Don’t worry if you are an individual who would like to participate, we can add you to group. 

Those practitioners who have qualified to Level 2 would also benefit from joining a group for ongoing supervision and are welcome to contact us so we can organise a suitable group for you. 

Additionally Denise offers 1:1 supervision from £60 per hour. All supervision is offered online, over Zoom.

Local Supervisor Course

First introduced in 2021 we are proud to announce we will continue to run this successful course in 2023. This three day course will qualify you to supervise NVR practitioners within your agency or organisation, providing a sustainable delivery system for your organisational needs. 

If you’re interested in any of the above courses or in supervision please contact us here.